Engine migration

One of the customers we have has asked us to help evaluate alternative monitoring engines to the one they currently use (Nagios Core 4.1.1, complied from source) within their overall solutions, as an “easy to start” option we advised them to migrate to Icinga 1.x (although we explained to the client that the project has no active development to it, and is in maintenance mode only).

Understanding those issues and knowing that if they want to fully migrate to another solution they will have to either write it themselves or adapt to another openly available option, we implemented the latest Icinga 1 ( Icinga 1.14.0 ) within their solution and asked them to benchmark the behaviour of the system :

Application   Nagios Engine Icinga Engine
Main page Part I 14.31s 9.5
  Part II 12.72 9.32
Event Console   9.71s 12.1
Host Groups   21.25s 14.7
Outages   7.5s 8.19
System   9.71s 8.7


Stats: 20000 Hosts, 1 service check per host, As can be seen in most cases the Icinga engine outperformed the Nagios engine.