Announced Nagios certifications

So I logged on the site and tried the demo and to my disappointment it failed to work with my Linux Laptop , so I thought it was an issue with my system , so I contacted the test centre , I got a prompt reply but it wasn’t something i was expecting considering the exam I was planning for :

“Unfortunately our system is not compatible with Linux based operating systems at this time. We do however, offer support with Windows and Mac computers.”

So , when trying to test a Linux based application you are not supporting access from a Linux OS ? that seemed very odd to me so I approached for clarification , and this was the answer I got:

“You are correct, at this time ProctorU does not support Linux OS’. I understand how that may seem odd, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

However, we spent a great deal of time selecting our certification proctoring partner, and eventually determined that ProctorU was able to offer the greatest overall value to our clients. Unfortunately one of the few downsides is that they do not support Linux OS’ ?

Hopefully you are able to get ahold of a Windows machine to take the certification on.”

So in essence I need to bend over backwards in order to pay money and take an exam , And work with an OS I despise ? Is it me or this sounds like a bad business planning ?