Updates and plans for the future

It has been a couple of busy months for our team at AikiLinux since FlossUK, with good things happening:

  • We have started working with Icinga on organising an Icinga Camp in Tel Aviv later this year, the provisional dates are 10-16 of December .
  • We have expanded our personel by bringing a new person to the fold in the UK.
  • As we strive to expand our knowledge, our team members have been working and have implemented a Prometheus monitoring solution at on of our customers, and also building a DR solution for their AWS  based on Terraform .
  • 2 new clients started the engagement with AikiLinux :

FlossUK 2018 – turmoil and joy.

FlossUK 2018
In our 2nd year coming to FlossUK we had the “frustrating” issue of having been asked to transform our talks, meaning a topic that we planned to talk about for 5 minute to a 20 minute talk and the topic of the 20 minute, to the 5 minute.

Assaf, our member at the event, worked on the presentations till the very last minute ( quite literally), because a talk was cancelled on the fact that the planned speaker had a last minute change in plans and could not make it, so an impromptu talk was inserted that covered almost 40% of what his intended talk was about, and in that required he change some of the slides.

Our main talk “shifting the acceptance approach in a devops team” went as well as can be expected and the response it got was encouraging – considering it was like preaching to the quire, but even disciples need to have the truth exposed to them and explained why things don’t always go the way the should/want.

It seems like it struck a cord with some members of the crowd as some came to ask questions about how to make clients listen.

So far it has been a very instructive and interesting event, the talks about image forensics, Terraform and Prometheus were very informative and well presented.